Pink Wine Opener – Get that Party off to the Right Start!

Metrokane Classic Rabbit Lever-Style Corkscrew; Foil Cutter,Pourer Stopper,  PinkThe only thing that’s just as important as the wine is the wine opener itself! And what better way to get that night in with the ladies off to a flying start, than with an eye catching, statement-making pink wine opener?!

Not only do they do their job, they look good and they’re a great conversation piece. Here are some of the top pink wine openers available today:

This Classic Rabbit Lever-Style Corkscrew by Metrokane pulls the cork in 3 seconds and has an automatic cork release. Not only that, but it includes a foil cutter and pourer stopper, both of which look and work great.

The gear teeth are made from hardened metal, so not only is it durable, but for piece of mind it’s even backed up by a 10-year warranty! It’s certainly a fantastic looking contraption and comes complete with it’s pink exterior. Gorgeous! Click here to see it in full.Cuisinart Wing Corkscrew, Pink

When making a list of any type of food or drink accessory, it would frankly seem strange to not feature a product by Cuisinart. For that reason, here’s their Wing Corkscrew. This pink wine opener is simply a “what you see is what you get” piece of kit.

It looks like your typical wine opener – in pink of course – and works like any old wine opener. What more could you ask for? It’s made completely from cast metal and couldn’t be easier to use. You can find out more about this one by clicking here.

So when looking for a pink wine opener, there’s certainly a nice variety to choose from. Whether you’re after a classic design, something with more of flair, or a completely unique contraption all together, the choice is yours. The important thing is that they all come in pink! Crack open a bottle of wine in style next time and show off your new tool!

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