Looking for a Pink Salt and Pepper Mill? Try These:

Peugeot 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Fidji Salt MillThe perfect accessory to finish off any dining table is the trusted salt and pepper mill. And what better way to make them more attractive than by having them in a beautiful pink? That’s right, you can now get pink salt and pepper mill sets to coordinate perfectly with your décor, and no doubt your personality!

And just because such salt and pepper mills are in pink, it doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality. The models we’ll be taking a look at in a second are some of the most well made items possible with high quality components. Check them out:

To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Peugeot have released their Fidji salt mill. With a matte raspberry finish and a stainless steel top, it certainly looks the part, and as hinted at above, all the components are of top quality. The mechanism that crushes the salt is made of high quality, specially treated stainless steel so not only does is work as well as possible, but it resists corrosion from the salt.

You’re able to grind the salt in a couple of ways: turning the top knob clockwise will result in finer grinds and turning it counter-clockwise will give you coarser grinds. It’s a really worthwhile feature to have. It’s made in France from select French Beech wood; so again, quality’s certainly not an issue. You can get the salt mill by clicking here.Peugeot 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Fidji Pepper Mill

Of course there’s also an accompanying Fidji pepper mill to make the pink salt and pepper mill set complete. It features a 2 stage grinding mechanism that’s made from specially treated case-hardened steel, ensuring the teeth stay as sharp as possible and are protected from corrosion. The device first cracks each peppercorn before it is ground, resulting in the maximum flavour being released, and like the salt mill, you can opt for finer grinds or coarser grinds. This can be found here.

Peugeot 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Paris u'Select Pepper MillFor a larger pink salt and pepper mill, Peugeot also have their Paris u’Select Pepper Mill. Standing tall at 12 inches (or 7 inches for a smaller version), this has features similar to the above models; only this time also has 6 pre-defined grind settings, allowing anything from powdery-fine to very coarse grinds. You can read more about this model at this link.

Overall, Peugeot are certainly the boss when it comes to choosing a pink salt and pepper mill. Hopefully one of these models appeals to you and your meal times can be transformed!

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