The Coolest Pink Refrigerator Ever

SMEG Refrigerator PinkWhen it comes to finding a pink refrigerator, there’s a surprisingly small number available on Amazon. As in one, or none. Considering it’s probably the best kitchen appliance out of everything that looks good in pink, you’d think there’d be more of them, wouldn’t you?

Well look, don’t let the lack of them deter you! There is actually a fantastic pink refrigerator available right now, and that is: the SMEG Refrigerator. This thing is seriously the coolest refrigerator on Earth (pun fully intended). It just shouts 50’s retro style, with its soft rounded curves and statement-making color.

The SMEG’s great as a space saving solution, so perfect for small apartments, yet there’s ample space for storage. The whole interior consists of an anti-bacterial surface with adjustable glass shelves, a bottle storage shelf and a fruit and vegetable container. You can read about all the storage features by clicking here.

There’s no doubt the SMEG pink refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators out there, but the design is certainly unique and requires a specific taste. You may find a better alternative elsewhere, in which case feel free to look around.

Some basic things to remember though when looking at refrigerators – whether they’re pink or not – is how big they are, which way the door opens and how energy efficient they are.

Obviously you don’t want to buy one that turns out to be too big for its intended position, and likewise not too small. But this is probably even more important when the entire unit is bright pink! Seriously, if you get the size wrong with such a bold color then it can look awful!

As for what way the door opens, this can be quite important depending on the area where the refrigerator is located. Obviously, if the area is quite compact then you want the door to open without banging into anything or obstructing anywhere. With some models of refrigerator, you can actually alter which side you have the door hinge on, which is a worthwhile feature.

Finally, try and get a pink refrigerator that not only looks good, but also is as energy efficient as possible. Not only is it the right thing to do, you can save a considerable amount in electricity expenses. Again, it’s worth taking into account.

Well hopefully this article has aided you on your search for a pink refrigerator. Remember to check out the SMEG, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, at least take the advice into account. That way, you’ll get the best pink refrigerator possible!

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