Pink Oven Gloves – Protect Your Hands in Style!

Norpro Pink Silicone and Fabric Glove, MediumLet’s face it: what better color is there for oven gloves than bright, garish pink? Answer: There isn‘t one. If your kitchen is a man-free zone (and let’s face it, that’s usually the case) then there’s no better way to mark your territory and show who’s boss than with a bright pink oven glove.

What man would even consider stealing your position in the kitchen if one of the main tools on offer isn’t masculine in the slightest? Exactly, so pink oven gloves it is.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the top pink oven gloves that are available today, hopefully highlighting something that is just what you’re after. The first one worth pointing out is from a brand called Norpro. Their Pink Silicone and Fabric Glove not only looks good, but also is heat resistant up to 485F/250C.

The outer surface consists of “non-skid” silicone adding extra protection against heat, but they’re perfectly comfortable to wear due to the fabric inner lining. The only downside is that it’s recommended that you hand wash them when they’re dirty.

Although it’s not as easy as bunging them in the washing machine, I guess it’s not too much to ask though, and after all, they don’t exactly get dirty on a regular basis! And of course, let’s not forget their wonderful shade of pink! Lovely! You can find out more about Norpro’s pink oven gloves by clicking here.Lekue Silicone Super Flexible Oven Mitt, Fuchsia

Secondly, we have the Silicone Super Flexible Oven Mitt by Lekue. It’s an absolutely gorgeous shade of pink (fuchsia to be precise!) The textured surface of the mitt is better for grip and it’s also heat resistant up to a whopping 572 degrees Fahrenheit!

It has a little hook hole for convenient storage but best of all: it’s completely waterproof! Not only does this mean it stays cleaner for longer but it also means that when you do want to clean it, you can just throw it in the dishwasher! How cool is that? If this sounds more your sort of thing, you can check it out by clicking here.

Hopefully one of these pink oven gloves meets your criteria. They’re both great little mitts but you’ll likely prefer one over the other for a personal preference. Of course, the most important thing is that they’re pink, and you certainly can’t deny that!

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