Pink Lava Lamp – the Ultimate Mood Enhancer

Lava Lite 14.5" Classic Lava Lamp - Pink Wax/Purple Liquid/Silver base & capHow do you make one of the coolest and most mood enhancing home accessories even better? Right, you make it pink! And that’s exactly why a pink lava lamp is the ultimate object to endlessly waste time mesmerized by. Here we’ll take a look at some of the pink lava lamps available, of which one will hopefully be just the sort of thing you’re after. Here you go:Lava Lite 14-1/2-Inch Classic Lava Lamp, White/Pink

First there’s the 14.5″ Classic Lava Lamp by Lava Lite. Lava Lite are one of the top manufactures of lava lamps and have been making them for years. This one has a silver base and purple liquid with pink wax that has your typical, cool oozing motion making for a great conversation piece. The set includes a bulb so you can get started right away. See it by clicking here. A similar model by Lava Lite is this one with a slightly different color scheme – still pink of course!

Lava Queen – 27 inches of Pink Lava Lamp!

If you’ve got the budget, check out the Lava Queen. It’s huge! It stands proud at 27 inches tall with a maximum diameter of 8 inches and is sure to enhance any room in which it’s situated. This is a conversation piece if ever you saw one! Find out more by clicking here.Lava Lite 10" Glitter Lamp - Pink Liquid/Silver Glitter

You may also be interested in this 10″ Glitter Lamp, also by Lava Lite. It has pink liquid with silver glitter and makes for a similarly fascinating effect. It’s smaller than the lava lamps above at 10 inches tall, but it’s also cheaper. May be you could have it alongside a lava lamp? Again, it includes a bulb so you can get started right away and it’s an all round good product. You can find it at this link.

So there you are: a rather fine selection of pink lava lamps and surely one that meets your requirements! A pink lava lamp is obviously great for a girl’s bedroom, but even for a main room in a home such as the living room. Basically, anywhere that could do with a nice little feminine touch! They’re great at generally enhancing the “feel good” mood of a room and, as mentioned, make for a fantastic conversation piece when you have guests round. So grab yourself a pink lava lamp today and see how it transforms your room, you’ll likely be hooked!

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