Pink Kitchen Towels – Would You Even Consider Drying With Any Other Color of Towel?!

Now Designs Ripple Towel Set of 2Surprisingly – or perhaps not – the kitchen is probably the easiest room to cater for when it comes to finding pink equipment. From mixers and blenders to measuring equipment and spatulas, everything is available in pink (yay!) but what about something as simple and mandatory as kitchen towels… are they available in pink? Of course!

Here we’ll reveal some of the best pink kitchen towels available today. First up: the pink (coral) ripple towel set of 2 by “Now Designs”. Measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, these oversized towels are extremely absorbent, making them perfect to be used in the kitchen. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, these gorgeous towels are completely machine washable for your convenience.

More Pink Kitchen Towels AvailMahogany Basket Weave Kitchen Towels with Color Stripes , Set of 3able!

If those don’t satisfy your need for pink, how about the Mahogany Basket Weave Kitchen Towels with  Stripes? Accompanied by white to form sophisticated stripes, these pink kitchen towels aren’t so heavy on the pink. Perhaps this is more what you’re looking for? In this set you get three and they each have a sewn-in hanger strip in one corner for easy hanging. They’re made from 100% Indian cotton, and a cold-water wash is recommended. You can find these here.

DII Microfiber Dots Dishtowel, Set of 2Alternatively, if you prefer spots to stripes, then this set of 2 Microfiber Dots Dishtowels is what you want. They measure 18 inches by 28 inches and claim to absorb and hold up to 7 times their weight in water. Impressive! They consist of 80% polyester and 20% polymide mNow Designs Set of Three Tea towels, Cakesicrofiber, and again, are machine washable. Click here to check them out.

Finally, this assortment of 3 pink kitchen towels offers more than just symmetrical designs. If you like pink and you like cakes, then these towels are your answer! Measuring 18 inches by 28 inches, these pink kitchen towels are 100% cotton and machine washable. Rather than just ordinary designs, these towels feature a “retro dessert design”. Yummy! See them here.

As you can see, you’re not short on choice when it comes to pink kitchen towels. Whether you like plain pink, stripes, spots, or yes, even cakes, there’s a set of kitchen towels out there for you. Don’t commit the sin of using towels that don’t coordinate with your décor and personality. Grab yourself one of these sets today and let drying up be so much more appealing!

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