A Pink Kitchen Timer – Here’s the Right Way to Time Your Cooking!

Cook for the Cure Digital Timer in Pink by KitchenAidWhen it comes to kitchen equipment and accessories, something as simple as a pink kitchen timer can really make a statement. Or at least stand out. And after all, what better color is there to have in your kitchen than a lovely, pretty pink? Frankly, there is no better option.

With that being the case, we decided to take a look at some of the timers available helping you to choose the right pink kitchen timer for you. Here you go:

KitchenAid never fail to impress when it comes to kitchen equipment, so here they are with their simple pink Digital Timer. Some of the features include a “memory function” which simply allows you to select the setting that was last used and a sleek chrome setting dial giving you a good combination of the ease of setting a traditional timer, but with the accuracy of digital.

More Pink Kitchen Timers

And for those of us that tend to forget, this timer even comes with the instructions printed permanently on the base of the device! A great little gadget all wrapped up in pink! You can find out more about this Digital Timer.Digital Kitchen Timer & Alarm

If you’re after a slightly different design, how about this Digital Kitchen Timer and Alarm? It’s powered by 1 LR44 coin-cell battery and can be used as a stand up timer or with a magnet or clip. It features a pretty powerful alarm to let you know your dinner’s ready and can even be used as a stopwatch. An all round good product for a great price. Click here to see it.

Orka Electronic Sand Timer, RaspberryIf you’d like something radically different to the above two, then Orka may have what you want with their unique Electronic Sand Timer. This pink kitchen timer – or “raspberry” to be specific – is basically what it says: an electric version of a sand timer!

The digital sand gradually disappears as the time reduces and you can also see the numbers count down in seconds. It’s certainly fun, just don’t get distracted and let that food burn! Read all about it here.

As you can see, there are definitely a variety of pink kitchen timer designs available, so you certainly shouldn’t feel restricted to something boring. If you are looking for more inspiration you can look at this guide about kitchen timers.  Hopefully one of these tickles your fancy and finally allows you to start timing your food in style! Happy cooking!

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