Pink Kitchen Appliances – Where to start?

No matter what kitchen appliance you’re after, you can almost guarantee you’ll find it in pink. After all, without making too much of a generalization, we all know who’s the boss in most kitchen’s around the country. So what better reason do you need to justify feminizing the working area as much as possible? Right, so pink it is.

In terms of pink kitchen appliances, this covers quite a broad range of products. You’ll find articles on various pink kitchen equipment throughout this website, from pink food processors and pink coffee makers to pink kettles and pink toasters, the list goes on. In this article however, we’ll feature some of the most common pink kitchen appliances that you’re likely to need:

Reston Lloyd 2-Quart TeapotFirst of all, every kitchen needs a kettle. If you haven’t already got a pink one then it’s surely quite high up on your priorities? Well, wait no more. Reston Lloyd have their 2-Quart Teapot in the cutest shade of pink you can imagine. It’s fantastic. The finish is fade resistant which is pretty important (we want it to stay pink!) and the handles are heat resistant. It can also be used on both gas and electric stoves. What more can you ask for? See it here.

Surely another one of the most important pink kitchen appliances you need is a blender? Every kitchen needs a blender. For this purpose, Cuisinart have their SPB-7PK SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Blender. Fancy, eh? And it is of course completely pink!Cuisinart SPB-7PK SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Blender, Pink Whether you need to blend, puree, mix, liquefy or stir, this blender is up to the task. It has so much more than just looks. With a special lid, you’re able to pour in ingredients while blending and the 40-ounce glass jar has a dripless pour spout, resulting in no-mess serving. Again: what more can you ask for? You can find this blender here.

Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional ScaleOne final item worth mentioning in this brief list of pink kitchen appliances is the Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale, by Escali. Again, this is something every kitchen needs, especially in pink! It’s accurate, easy to clean and easy to use. It simply does what you want it to do, all while looking good. Grab it here!

There are a heap of pink kitchen appliances worth mentioning here, but frankly, there’s not enough space! Take the time to browse around this website where we feature pretty much every other pink kitchen appliances you can imagine. If it’s available, you’ll find it here!

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