Pink Hard Hat – Pink Safety

When you are working with heavy materials it is important to protect your head. A pink hard hat will do just that.

If you think these pink hard hats are just funny looking, but has no real protection value, think again. These hard hats come in top ANSI standard.

Since construction work is such a male dominated field, the pink hard hats will get you some comments and laughs. I just wanted to warn you about this before you showed up in one.

I have included a couple of pink hard hats on this page to give you some options in what type of pink and what style you want.

Hi-Viz Pink Hard Hat

pink hard hatThis dark hard hat has is easy to spot, and will attract attention. It is as comfortable as a hard hat can be, with 4 point woven nylon suspension. Easy Quick-Slide sizing adjusts suspension from head sizes 6 1/2 to 8.

It also meets ANSI Z89.1-1997, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements.

To learn more or buy visit here

Pastel Pink Hard Hat

Pastel Pink Hard Hat Girl Gear HelmetThis pastel hard hat is a lot lighter in its color, and a little more cute than the Hi-Viz above. I like this hard hat a lot. Similar to the Hi-Viz, this one is no toy but a real hard hat.

Visit to buy, or read reviews.

These helmets might also work as a gift. If your daughter or friend is graduating in construction, or architecture I am sure they would love one of these.

For your comfort I have included a little gallery at the bottom of this page. This is so you can find the type of hard hat that fit your taste. (make sure to check ANSI standard)

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