A Pink Fridge – Keeping Things Cool and Beautiful!

Smeg FAB28URO 9.22 cu. ft. 50's Pink RefridgeratorIf you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, then there’s possibly no better way to accomplish that task than by having a whopping great pink fridge. You can have all the pink kitchen utensils and accessories in the world, heck, even pink cabinet doors, but nothing is as bold or makes such an impact as a pink fridge.

They’re perfect for showing who’s boss in the kitchen (hint: the woman!) and really feminizing the whole room. Ladies, if you’re currently living on your own or just with other women, then this may be the only opportunity in your life to have a pink fridge! Grab it with both hands!

It is quite an important decision to make. Will a pink fridge really suit your kitchen? We’re not trying to deter you from getting one at all, heck; we think everything in your house should be pink! But there’s no denying that a fridge is a pretty large and important piece of equipment and pink isn’t usually the subtlest of colors!

Try visualizing how a pink fridge will look in your kitchen, or indeed, wherever you intend to have the fridge located. Will it coordinate with the rest of the décor in your room or will it clash terribly? (Just a suggestion: if you think it will clash, consider redecorating the rest of the room to accommodate your new fridge. Don’t dare feel the need to have a boring fridge!)

You’ll also want to decide if you just want a fridge unit or a fridge-freezer combo. Although more expensive initially, fridge-freezers can be great for saving space and often work out cheaper to run as opposed to separate units. This will largely depend on where you intend to position the unit and how much space there is. Admittedly, a fridge-freezer that is too large for the room can really look out of place.

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