Pink Everlast Boxing Gloves – Pretty and Dangerous!

Everlast Women's Pro Style Training GlovesThere’s no doubt that Everlast are one of the leading brands in the boxing world, and they’ve managed to keep up their reputation by catering to the many women boxers out there!

And whether you’re an avid competitive boxer, participate in training sessions or simply like to use a punch bag at home, it’s almost a proven fact that pink boxing gloves make you so much better! Well, you’ll get many compliments anyway!

Pink Everlast Boxing Gloves Women’s Pro Style Training

There are quite a few models of pink Everlast boxing gloves, so let’s start off with the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves. Available in either 12oz or 14oz weight sizes, these gloves consist of a durable, dense, two-layer foam padding, in the natural shape conforming to your hand.

They have the patented “thumb-lok” feature along with a wrap-around hook and loop strap closure to keep them secure at all times. And of course, they’re in pretty pink! You can see these gloves by clicking here.Everlast Pink Women's Wristwrap Kickboxing Glove

Everlast Pink Women’s Wristwrap Kickboxing Gloves

Next in the range of pink Everlast boxing gloves is catered more to the kick boxers out there. The Everlast Pink Women’s Wristwrap Kickboxing Gloves are constructed from premium synthetic leather, making them durable for the long term. They feature open palms to ensure breathability and comfort along with an anti-microbial treatment to fight bacterial growth.

They have an 18-inch hook-and-loop wrist strap with tri-sect closure to keep them in place at all times and, finally, feature Everlast’s patented “EverFresh”, “EverCool”, and “Thumb-lok” Technologies. Fancy stuff. You can find out more about these gloves by following this link.

Everlast Pink Women’s Grappling Training Boxing Gloves

Everlast Pink Women's Grappling Training GloveLastly, another alternative are the Everlast Pink Women’s Grappling Training Gloves. Much like the above, they feature open palms for better grip and ventilation and are custom designed for better protection, durability and ease of movement. They have supportive hook-and-loop wrist support and this time the Everlast “technologies” include C4 Foam, Everdri and EverFresh. Again, fancy stuff! You can get hold of these pink Everlast boxing gloves by clicking here.

Overall, a great selection of gloves for whatever your boxing needs. And remember, as said at the beginning of this article, it’s almost a proven fact that pink gloves actually make you even better at boxing. Strange, huh? Oh, the power of pink. Grab a pair of these gloves today and start throwing punches like you’ve never thrown before!

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