Pink Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric ScooterWhen we talk about electric cars and scooters, we just cannot ignore the electric scooters which are so much fun to ride and have become a rage among the children. One such sleek and slender pink electric scooter by Razor has become very popular among children.

This pink electric scooter needs a slight kick to begin and after it can be hand operated, and also twisted in any direction. The scooter is very energy efficient and a onetime charge can drive up to forty minutes at 10 mph. this scooter is meant for children eight and above and come with 90 day warranty.

So if you really want to cruise around the neighborhood in style this pink electric razor E 100 is surely the right toy to flaunt. This scooter is safe and its handle bars can be twisted and throttled for maximum flexibility. It is advisable to wear a head which gear which would provide maximum protection to the rider.

Its handle bars can be folded to reduce the storage space. It consists of very durable pneumatic tires and the scooter can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. It is provided with a pair of 120 volt batteries, charger and some essential tools to keep your scooter in good condition. The rider has to follow the rules of the state and these can’t be rode in streets and sidewalks, only in neighborhood or park where there are no vehicles.

Pink Electric Scooter for Short CommutingX-Treme Scooters XB-502 Electric Bicycle

When it comes to doing your bit for the environment and surrounding we just think of pollution and factory fumes but don’t really reduce the use of our cars and automobiles.

In fact according to a census it has been revealed that the number of automobiles have been on an all time rise because of the easy car loans and credit policies. But thank God there are some very concerned group who have come up with e cars and automobiles which run on replenish able  source of energy which is electricity also does not give out toxic fumes. 

So here come the ultimate pink electric scooter which consists of 12 AMP batteries and on charging once can run for 20 – 25 miles without any trouble. It is the ultimate gas free commuter option, and is also very trendy. If the battery gets used then there is nothing to worry about this moped can still be pedaled.

These pedals are included with the scooter but installing them is optional. It contains shock absorbing features and side lights and tool kit like any other conventional scooter its just that it a gasoline free commuter. So if you want to go green buy this pink.

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