Pink Duct Tape – Stylish Stickiness!

You can get some of the most obscure stuff in pink these days (you just need to browse this website!) but seriously, pink duct tape? Well, yes, it’s true. In fact you even have a choice. You know the level that duct tape has reached when it’s now manufactured in the color pink! Anyway, let’s see what the options are, shall we?

1.88-Inch-by-15-Yard Colored Duct Tape

The appropriately brand named “Duck” have this 1.88-Inch-by-15-Yard Colored Duct Tape in neon pink. Right, this ain’t no ordinary pink! It’s ideal for any do-it-yourself projects and tears easily without curling. It has excellent adhesion to almost any surface and out of interest, has more cotton fibers per square inch than all-purpose-grade duct tape. Pretty fancy stuff, huh? Add this to your arsenal by clicking here.

PC-619 Fluorescent Pink Duct TapeShurtape PC-619 Fluorescent Duct Tape: 2 in. x 60 yds. (Fluorescent Pink)

Next is this PC-619 Fluorescent Pink Duct Tape by Shurtape. This time it’s fluorescent pink in color and measures 2 inches wide with a total of 60 yards. So it should certainly last you a while. The adhesive consists of natural rubber, and is pretty darn strong! You can see this one by clicking here.

Polka Dot Pink Duct Tape

To top it off we have this Polka Dot Pink Duct Tape. Pretty awesome, huh? Whatever your intended use of duct tape, you can’t deny it will look so much better with polka dots! This cloth-backed adhesive duct tape can be used for an endless list of tasks and has a really quirky design (so much better than plain pink!)

While you’re at it, why not check out this 700S Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser by Tape Wrangler. This beast of a device is made of durable polycarbonate with a high carbon steelTape Wrangler 700S Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser blade, helping you handle your pink duct tape with ease and get nice clean, straight cuts. It’s easy enough to slot a roll of tape onto and even has a little belt clip for convenience. The ultimate accessory if ever there was one! Click here to find out more.

Overall, rather surprisingly in fact, there’s a great choice of pink duct tape with alterations of pink to suit everybody. So whether you need it for packaging, marking things or craft work, get the job done in style by using one of these rolls of duct tape. And if you’re a sucker for convenience, do check out that tape dispenser. It makes things so much easier!

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