Pink Dice – Proven to Improve Your Game

Opaque European Acrylic 10mm 6-sided Round Edge Dice, Pink with White

Pink Dice from Koplow

One of the initial games that we learn in our childhood is snakes and ladder and Ludo. These games are all dice games and can’t be played without rolling the dice. These games help in inculcating counting and number skills among children. These board games are fun to play and are also very interesting.

How about making them more interesting with the help of pink dice, yes the vibrant pink color of the dice can make the game more appealing and attractive. This is 16 mm normal dice and is piped that is; it has dots instead of numbers. White dots are finely engraved on the pink dice.

The opaque dice is scientific and authentic. To check the authenticity of dice you just need to add up the dots in two directly opposite sides and if the sum come to seven it  is authentic and if the sum is less or more than seven  then its fake dice.

For instance, the side which shows six has to have one on the opposite side and the side which has four has three on opposite side and the side which has five has two on opposite side.

5mm to 16mm Dice Dangler Earrings, Pink w/ White

Koplow Pink Dice Earrings

Pink Dices from Koplow

This dice manufactured by Kaplow games maintains a strict quality standard and since it will be used by children it is made sure that contains no toxicity or lead deposits. This product is also recommended by Amazon and is also among the bestseller list of the site. 

This product is priced so inexpensively that you should surely order for it immediately and makes you board games more interesting and appealing.  This attractive pink dice can be used in all your board dice games so just go ahead and order this on Amazon today

Just go ahead and buy this pink dice which make games more interesting for your child, the piped dots are very interesting and can help the child to learn counting and numbers. This play way method of learning is very interesting and makes learning surely fascinating and exciting experience.

The dice is used in higher gambling games and in casinos which give great importance to the balance and authenticity of the dice. This pink dice matches all international standards and matches all standards when it comes to balance and authenticity. So give way to this pink beauty and bid good bye to the boring white ones from your child’s board game.

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