Pink Car Accessories – The Ultimate Personalization

Zebra Safari Animal Print Car Mirror Fuzzy Dice - Black & Pink - PairSo you’re looking to spruce up your car interior and give it a bit of personalization? And what better color than pink, right? Well, you in luck, because with the following pink car accessories, there’ll be no hint of what your car used to look like before the makeover! Take at look at these:

First, the obvious car accessory, a bit cliché even: fuzzy dice! Look at these Safari Animal Print Car Mirror Fuzzy Dice) by Zebra. They consist of plush fabric and are designed to hang from your car mirror. They measure 2 ½” and you get two! Nice! Check theSafari Animal Print Auto Interior Gift Set - 2 Pink Zebra Low Back Front Bucket Seat Covers with Separate Headrest Cover, 1 Pink Zebra Steering Wheel Cover, 2 Pink Zebra Shoulder Harness Pressure Relief Cover, and 1 Bench Coverm out here.

If you’re a fan of the pink-zebra-print combo, check out this complete coordinating Animal Print Auto Interior Set. It includes 2 low back front bucket seat covers with separate headrest covers, 1 Pink steering wheel cover, 2 shoulder harness pressure relief covers, and 1 bench cover. Phew! It’s made from anti-fade velour which is resistant to spills, stains, dirt and any debris, and everything’s machine washable. It certainly requires a unique taste, but if that’s the taste you have, you can find the set by clicking here!

More Pink Car Accessories

Sanrio Hello Kitty Car Rear View Mirror Cover pink by H-M ShopAnother pink car accessory is this Car Rear View Mirror Cover by Hello Kitty. It has the cute little kitty doll and embroided ribbon on both sides, and it’s certainly very pink! It’s easy enough to fix on and will transform your interior instantly. See it here.

Finally, one of the simplest pink car accessories you can’t do without: the Rose MuskCAR FRESHNER TREES 10227 ROSE MUSK TREE Tree Car Freshener. It’s cheap as anything and will provide a long lasting burst of freshness into your car, keeping it smelling lovely and feminine at all times! You can get hold of one of these by clicking here.

So, hopefully some of these pink car accessories will appeal to you. They certainly require a unique taste, but you can’t deny that they’re very pink! Frankly, there’s nothing that personalizes your car more than literally smothering it with pink.

No sane criminal will want to rob it, that’s for sure! And the great thing is with a lot of these accessories, is that if you make a mess in your car, you simply lob the covers in the washing machine. You don’t ruin the original interior making these pink car accessories as useful as they are pointless!

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