Pink Boombox for the Beach and the Party

 When you talk about stereo systems you just cannot ignore the boombox with all kinds of attachments like CD player, cassette player, and recorder and even AM/ FM stereo. So all the people who like the retro gadgets can also possess them and not get swayed by the gizmos of today and like I –pod and MP3 players.

Here comes a Hello Kitty pink boombox appropriate for your child’s room. It consists of cassette player and recorder, top loading CD player and radio with both AM and FM. It consists of a multi informational LCD display with very bright and clear digits. It is very user friendly without any fancy buttons and this way the child feels comfortable in operating it.

The product hardly weighs 6 pounds and can be carried from one room to the other with a lot of ease. It does not have any additional speaker so it just contains one power cord there by eliminating the scope of any wire clutter or wire mesh.

Sonic Impact i-P9 Portable iPod and Speakers - Pink (5020)Another sturdy and light weight pink boombox is this Sonic Impact I-pod and speaker. It consists of micro driver speaker and it also stores and protects your I pod. It can be easily attached to your bike, stroller, or even the back pack making it a best seller. It is provided with a pair of head phone jack for private listening.

This hardly weighs I pound and can be taken in the car or can also be used for indoor use. It can contain and protects I- Pod and can also provide impeccable sound and clarity at the same time.

Music is a therapy; it calms and soothes your senses. There is no better way to indulge in music rather than the close comforts of your home. So indulge on one of these pink boomboxes and enhance the look of your indoors and at the same time indulge in some soulful music.

It is difficult to imagine life without music, it gives rhythm and away to vent out emotions and gives people a chance to get rid of the monotony in their lives. It is the soul ingredient to spice up your life and also get rid of tension.  So go ahead and buy one of these pink boomboxes and give lift to your mood and the décor of your house.

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