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The Holy Bible: King James Version, Pink, Flexisoft, Kids BibleWhen it comes to developing interest and awareness regarding faith and religion among children, then it is important that is done very early in life. Children need to be taught about Christianity, God and the importance of bible in our society.

The tough language of bible is beyond our reach so if we expect our children will understand when they grow up is completely a wrong notion. These habits and interests have to be developed when you are young and only then can you sustain interests in religion and mythology.

Reading bible is one thing and understanding the complexity of the language and story is another thing so it’s important that bible reading is encouraged among children and one such way it has been possible is through the abridged bibles promoted by publishers and authors like Shonta Alexander. The credit goes to them to develop interesting covers and fascinating illustrations depicting the mythological event.

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The language is also made very simple for various age levels. One such is the pink bible which is children’s bible and is basically King James’s version of bible for children. This pink bible is specially developed and designed to attract toddler.

This has been a hit among the young because of it very attractive pink cover and the pictorial depictions and also the easy language.

Some ardent Christian fundamentalists have criticised this abridgement and editing in the holy bible, but this abridged is only done to make the language simple and some major complications are skipped for easy understanding by children. But at least this way bible has become popular among children and they have developed interest in Christianity

This pink bible can be ordered online and you can also avail great discounts so hurry and order now to grab the latest copy which is an abridged edition of King James’s version of bible. It is through the holy bible that children get to know about good and bad and what sin is and what are values.

They develop an understanding about God and how we are his children and have been sent to earth to earth good deeds and to serve humanity. All these understanding are important and help children to become a better human being.

Science and technology is completely understandable and i don’t promote fundamentalist ideas, but this does not mean that you become an atheist and do not believe in the existence of God. These bibles when introduced at young age help in developing interest in religion, and the belief that there is some super power above us.

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